American Heart/Stroke Association: ISC 2015

Designers: Reinhardt Creative
Copywriter: Poppy Sundeen

AHA/ASA hosts the annual International Stroke Conference in a different city each year. The conference draws some of the smartest people working in the fight against stroke today.

In 2015, the conference was held in Nashville, home to southern hospitality, country music and good times. Yes, this was a conference centered on the serious subject of stroke. But, through on-going research with participants and past attendees–we knew that we did not need to come across as taking ourselves too serious. We looked at our competitors and others in the healthcare category and determined that so many brands take on a typical “hospital” look & feel. We would not.

Our strategy centered around playing up the work that both the AHA/ASA and the partners the organizations work with everyday in research and saving lives against stroke. But, to remain human and help the brands stay true to who they are by utilizing a good natured, Nashville inspired tone and appearance.

My Role: Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager
February, 2015
Conference Collateral